Help Protect Your Kids Online

Social media platforms. Online gaming. Messaging apps. Forums.  We are connected 24/7/365. What this means, especially for our children, is more opportunity for cyberbullying and online predators.


Since 95% of teens in the U.S. are online, it’s time to get serious about protecting them on the internet.


In order to protect your children’s physical and mental health, you face the difficult and time-consuming challenge of effectively monitoring all the platforms your children are involved in.


Here’s some good news - Identity Guard can do the monitoring for you.


With a combination of superior technology and round-the-clock service, Aura Identity Guard saves you time and stress while keeping everyone in your family safe. Using IBM® Watson™ AI technology, Identity Guard scans billions of online sources and will quickly alert you to any suspicious activity.


Even if your children are young and not on social media sites, their identities and personal information are still at risk. The time to protect them is now. Identity Guard provides access to safe browsing tools and personalized threat alerts.


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